Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So, we're coming to the close of this fantastic year! But before we close, we would like to reflect upon all that we've achieved this year, and thank all of you who helped us get there.

We mapped roughly 650 Kabadiwallas in three zones, and gained invaluable insight into the ecosystem. These insights have shaped our work and defined our strategies going forward.

We used the data from our mapping, to create our free Information Service that allows you to connect with your local kabadiwalla and start selling your recyclable waste. We launched the service on the 30th of May and continue to update it, adding new kabadiwalla shops as we map them.

Research has been at the core of our work, and we have conducted in depth research into the informal sector in India, the recycling industry in Chennai, and the informal eco systems around the world. We have constantly shared our findings through regular posts on our blog.

We launched our Neighbourhood Champions and Everyday Recyclers campaigns, to galvanise local recycling, promote source segregation and educate more people about responsible waste management. We had amazing responses from various resident associations and student groups.

We conducted a free medical camp for Kabadiwallas.

We prototyped six products made from recyclable waste, as part of our brand Upcykle, and are scheduled to officially launch during Feb next year.

We presented our work at the RISE conference in Hong Kong and we're named one of the 40 most promising early stage start ups.

We presented about the potential of the informal sector for a circular economy at this year's Disruptive Innovation Festival.

We've been featured 12 times in total this year by reputed newspapers and magazines.

Thank you all for joining us for this ride, and we plan to kick off next year with a bang! Merry Christmas and a  Happy New Year  from all of us! See you in 2016!