The missing piece in the recycling supply-chain for Indian cities

We operate India’s first technology enabled Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) that sources post-consumer waste efficiently from the informal sector. Using our technology suite, this pilot facility currently procures post-consumer PET, which after aggregation and pre-processing is sold into the textile industry. To date, we have pre-processed and sold over 150 tons of material, doing revenues upwards of USD 60,000.

MRF Process

For certain types of post-consumer waste, pre-processing facilities do not yet exist, and is one of the major reasons so much recyclable waste enters urban India’s landfills. With an initial focus on post-consumer plastic, we're working with experts to develop an MRF that can handle all major grades of this material. Our MRF will be optimised to procure from the informal sector, and will aim to be commercially viable in the developing world at a much lower initial investment that is currently possible today.

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