The missing piece in the recycling supply-chain for Indian cities

We operate India’s first smart Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) that uses our technology stack to integrate into the informal waste ecosystem. In 2015, a survey of over 800 Kabadiwallas (small scrap-dealers) in Chennai revealed that this informal network handles as much as 33% of the entire recyclable waste generated every month (read more about it on our blog). However, many sell their materials at below the market price, have to wait for long periods of time before their material is picked up from the shop, and in some cases don't know the actual value of the material that they have recovered (this is especially true for plastic).

On average, a Kabadiwalla shop sources back anything between 100kgs to 500kgs of material every week, which is not enough to sell directly to formal recyclers, who look to buy much higher volumes. Our recovery facility is a critical link between the kabadiwalla ecosystem and the more formal recycling plants. We buy from kabadiwallas, segregate material in more detail, and aggregate to volumes that allow us to sell directly to processors in the city. 

Our technology platform addresses systemic issues in materials recovery using ICT based offerings which includes information dissemination, surveying, reporting and logistics management. We currently process PET plastic.

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