An App that helps people in indian cities manage their waste responsibly

India’s waste management system is in crisis, with over 90% of all municipal waste collected by the authorities being sent to the landfill every day. In Chennai, that’s just under 1.5 million tons every year. Our landfills are fast reaching maximum capacity, and there is a need to find alternative ways to handle urban waste.

Here’s the exciting part—if every household in Chennai sold their recyclables to their local Kabadiwalla (small scrap-dealers that are ubiquitous in the city) and composted at home, we would reduce the amount being sent to the landfill by 70%.

Introducing Recykle

Recykle is an app that helps people get the information they need to manage their waste responsibly at home. Get simple tips to help you segregate, sign-up for composting events and connect to your closest Kabadiwalla.


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