Prajeeth Sitherasenan

Growth Manager

Prajeeth is a researcher, who is fascinated with environmental science, consultancy and sustainable management. He is a community manager with experience in stakeholder engagement and building community relationships. He loves inspiring and engaging communities to get most value from their participation. Passionate about football, running, trekking and hiking.


Thomas Manuel

Research Associate

Thomas is a freelance writer and playwright based out of Chennai. He currently takes care of the research and data curation for the project titled "Leveraging Informal Waste Ecosystem for Better Management of Post-consumer Recyclable Waste in Urban India" funded by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD)



Survey Researcher

Arunkumar comes with 3 years for experience in field work and data collection. Apart from data collection, he is also very passionate about waste management and gives utmost importance to document even the finest details obtained during the survey


Arun Balaji

Survey Researcher

Arun Balaji is an experienced survey researcher, who has carried out different types of surveys across his carrier. He worked with NSSO for over 7 years before joining Kabadiwalla Connect. He has a penchant for data collection and his curiosity to learn drives him to collect very detailed data.