Siddharth Hande

Founder | CEO

Siddharth is a geo-spatial analyst, and an urban studies researcher by training.  He has been passionate about issues relating to waste since college, and was one of the founders of Reclaim Our Beaches, a local clean-up drive in Chennai. 


Sonaal Bangera

Co-Founder | Product & Design

Sonaal is a user experience consultant and an interface designer who loves crafting solutions for the web and especially mobile. He currently runs a design and development studio called NFN Labs in Chennai where he focusses on creating pixel perfect and functional solutions. In his free time, he enjoys building his own mobile products, loves photography and promotes filter coffee.

Ganesh kumar subramanian

Technology Lead

Ganesh a.k.a GK, is a Mechatronics Engineer who loves to code. He is a self-taught programmer and primarily focuses on Front End Development. His research interests vary from UI/UX design to Virtual Reality, and strongly believes that gestural/natural user interfaces are the future of Human-Computer Interaction.



Consultant Designer

Tanuja is a graphic designer and illustrator with a focus on editorial, publication and identity design. She is passionate about typography and all aspects of design and visual culture. As an illustrator, she creates artwork for magazines, book covers and packaging, and also works as an artist creating works in graphite and charcoal.



Community Manager

Rajasekhar a.k.a Kutti is a professional surfer who has a penchant for social work. He is highly keen on tackling the implementation problems that one faces on the field. He is very passionate about dancing and spends most of his weekends at the beach.



Back End Developer

Anand is free software activist who loves science and technology. He is a Back End Developer with expertise in Python. He is a deeply curious and inquisitive person who always tries to understand how things really work. He is also an avid video game player.