Prajeeth Sitherasenan

Senior Growth Manager

Prajeeth is a researcher, who is fascinated with environmental science, consultancy and sustainable management. He is a community manager with experience in stakeholder engagement and building community relationships. He loves inspiring and engaging communities to get most value from their participation. Passionate about football, running, trekking and hiking.


UdayA Shankar

Senior Developer

Udhay is a Javascript Ninja. With immense passion towards coding and design, he loves working in the front-end and web development. Apart from coding his interest lies in photography, drones, gaming and movies.



Data Digitisation Manager

Ramesh is our facility manager and spends most of his time optimising our process at the Material Recovery Facility. He comes with years of experience in stock trading and has a natural skill of managing people.  A passionate cricket player, who always opens up the batting for his team.